Selasa, 25 November 2008

first things i wanna to say. is HELLO. ok now i want to tell about my self. My long name is NAZATUL AMIERA. do you got it? then. i have 3 short names. n my first short name is nasya. second naca and last name is mell. at my house, my family call me mell. my friends at school call me nasya and my friends at chatting call me naca.that is the greates name that i have =] i love my self. i love music. what mean music??. uhh. i dont know, just hear and enjoyed the songs. i hate smokers. and drugs t0o =] but i love smell the ( asap bunga api ) sbb dea best..! i have a handphone.but my handphone is a sucks! ( nyesal tukar ngan kakak sbb nak pakai 3G jewp??! ). huhu. whenever. i thought my handphone ( bole baling kat anjing ) becouse that handphones makes me feels so crazy.i love to scream at sch0ol; at shoppingmall if hangout with my bestie GLYNE.that girl is so awesome.huhuh.( bule wat aku gyle kao taohh? ) . o love to see the ( budak-budak lepak ) and dressup (emo, indie ( uhh.perlu kewp;its oke.nice ) punkrock and more t0o gothic. ) -ehem2..bkn yang pakai2 kod2 tu ehh??. huhuh.then naca nie gyle cket, if da masok air.mst gyle2 n wat muke tabal if kat lua nnt. if i dressup. why people at my home (macik2 astro nehh) see me like saw a ghost?? just dressup lah macikk!! huh.tulung paham lahh. just like the dressup. but i dindt copy ( dorg punye perangai lahh!!) but why people thought me like them?? ohh.all people know. i hust wanna to growup and see the world when i adult. (paham2 je lah budak nak besa.baru nak up lah vavi!!) huhu.and sometimes naca nie pun poser gak.ekekkeke. tp tape.just kejap ajewp. ta lame mehh., if u want to know all about me. just ask me at myspace.this is my email. just add it IZZI_GPUNK@YAHOO.COM. oke? or my url thanx a lot.